You are here because you are a caring employer who wants to find out about the training available for your staff.


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What can VTS offer my staff?

We are specialists in the delivery of work based training qualifications throughout Essex. Previously known for many years as NVQ’s, these now come in the form of either apprenticeships or stand-alone diplomas/certificates. As you probably know, we come to you to deliver the training – your staff do not have to attend ‘college’ regularly, although they may need to attend one of our offices on some occasions, depending on their chosen course. Either way, our qualifications are fully accredited, nationally recognised and relevant to their industry sector.

What subjects do VTS offer?

We have qualifications available from levels 2 – 5 in Childcare, Adult Social Care, Clinical Healthcare, Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools, Management, Business Administration & Customer Services. Please take a look at our courses pages for more information.

Apprenticeship or stand-alone diploma?

Apprenticeships have undergone complete reform over the last few years and the government is trying to encourage and promote them as the first choice for work based training. As such, it is concentrating all its funding and incentives in this direction.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with a related learning & skills development programme lasting between one and two years and tailored specifically to the job and employer’s own circumstances. As well as learning all the necessary ‘on the job’ skills, your staff member will need time ‘off the job’ to study for industry related qualifications, plus maths & English and in some cases ICT.

Who can be an apprentice?

There is no age limit! They can be new or existing staff members and as long as they are employed for more than 16 hours per week, subject to certain criteria, they can be enrolled as an apprentice.

How will I benefit?

A highly skilled and motivated workforce will ensure the quality of service you give to your customers, enhancing your reputation within your industry and increasing demand for your services.

What will it cost me?

If you are a large employer and pay the apprenticeship levy, the entire cost of the apprenticeship will be met from your levy pot, providing there are enough funds available.

If you are a smaller employer who does not pay the apprenticeship levy, the government will currently pay 95% of the cost of training, leaving you with just 5% to pay. Please take a look at our funding pages for further information.

Incentives for employing young apprentices

The government wants to encourage you to take on apprentices aged 18 or under and there are a couple of incentive schemes currently running. Please take a look at our funding pages for further information.

Will I be involved?

Apprenticeships work best when we all work together. We will plan all the necessary training and will ask you to support your employee as they progress. There will be certain guidelines to follow, but we will explain this and support you every step of the way.

Free recruitment service available

If you would like to take on a new apprentice, we can even help you with recruitment via the government’s ‘recruit an apprentice’ site. We will advertise for you and pass on any applications which meet your criteria. Please just get in touch and ask.

Stand-alone diploma/certificate

Sometimes an apprenticeship may not the right choice for your employee. If this is the case a stand-alone diploma or certificate could be the answer. These are still nationally recognised, fully accredited and industry relevant, however unfortunately there is currently no government funding available. There will be a cost for this option which could be met either by you or your employee. Some qualifications at level 3 or above could also be funded via a 19+ advanced learning loan. Please take a look at our funding pages for further information.

Please contact us on 01702 353557 or by email to [email protected] for further information.