If the qualification you want to study can be funded via an advanced learner loan, you may wish to consider this as a good option.

What is it?

An advanced learner loan is a loan you can get from the Student Loan Company if you are aged 19 or over and are studying an approved qualification at level 3 and above.

Will I be eligible?

If you are aged 19+, are a UK resident and have been for more than three years and are studying an approved qualification, the chances are you are eligible for a loan.

In some cases you may be eligible even if you have not lived in the UK for three years. The Student Loan Company assesses all applications for eligibility and their decision is final.

What is an approved qualification?

Each year the government decides which qualifications can be funded via an advanced learner loan. If you checkout our courses pages, each one will tell you if the loan is available as a funding option.

How does it work?

The process is quite straightforward. You apply on line using details supplied by us, then when your loan is approved you can start your qualification. The student loan company will pay us directly so when your application is complete, there is nothing else for you to worry about apart from getting qualified!

What about paying it back?

You won’t pay anything at all until the April after you’ve actually finished your training. Then the amount you actually pay depends how much you earn. Currently you won’t pay anything at all unless you earn in excess of £25 725 (correct at July 2019) per year. When you do start paying, the amount is a percentage of your pay.

For more information including a repayment calculator, please go to