Good customer service is essential to every type of organisation in order to provide a quality service to its customers. These qualifications are aimed at individuals whose job role is dedicated primarily to customer service as an occupation.

If you are currently working in customer service and you are interested in undertaking a work based qualification, you’ll want to explore your options. The government provides funding for apprenticeships, but if this route is not for you, rest assured you can still obtain a nationally recognised, industry approved qualification with VTS. In fact there are some benefits to studying a ‘stand-alone’ qualification. For example -

  • There is no minimum timeframe to get qualified. Although there are certain guidelines, if you put the work in, you can progress significantly faster than those studying a similar course via an apprenticeship
  • You do not have to be employed for a certain number of hours per week…… in fact you don’t have to be employed at all, you can be a volunteer. As long as your duties in the setting match the qualification you want to study, you can enrol.
  • Your employer does not have to financially contribute to your study and therefore you will not be tied to them after you are qualified.
  • There is no maths and English to worry about

You will have a structured learning programme and an individual learning plan. Your VTS tutor will meet with you regularly to guide you through your learning and you will build a portfolio of evidence which will include work you have completed, professional discussion records and observations by your tutor. You will achieve your qualification when your portfolio contains all the evidence required by the awarding body (City & Guilds).

There are qualifications at levels 2 & 3

Level 2 Diploma in Customer Serivce

Suitable for those new to the industry and operating mainly under supervision

Five mandatory units plus a wide choice of optional units

Duration: 9/12 months

Funding type available: Private Funding - £1500

Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service

Suitable for workers in a more senior role, with some industry experience, and a natural progression from the level 2.

Six mandatory units plus a wide choice of optional units

Duration: 12/15 months

Funding type available: Private Funding £ 2000 or 19+ advanced learner loan £2573